How to measure wellbeing

In business, there are KPIs for everything. Need to assess supply chain performance? Develop a KPI. Supplier performance got you worried? Develop a KPI. However, when it comes to measuring wellbeing in a business environment, it’s extremely difficult.

Well… it was.

Stanley presents our wellbeing solutions for both physical and mental wellbeing of the workforce.

Stanley MindCheck

Stanley have been managing mental wellbeing in the workplace for several corporations and businesses in the UK.

MindCheck allows you to check in on your people

MindCheck is the online mental health wellbeing tool that businesses are using to help identify vulnerable team members and enable them to be supported appropriately. 

Stanley MindCheck has been designed to recognise employees who are suffering at all levels of discontent and stress using advanced technologies. The reported outcomes will enable line managers and business owners to address identified issues in a discreet, focused, and caring manner.

View more about the MindCheck wellbeing check in tool here.

Stanley PhysicalCheck

PhysicalCheck is the wearable safety technology used by organisations to not only identify the risk of back injury but to embed safer working behaviours; help workers returning to work from injury; avoid re-injury and revolutionise the way health and safety training is delivered.

Monitor, evaluate and coach your people to better physical wellbeing

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The data-centric solution provides insight into how your business is performing:

  • Uncover risk in the workplace, see which workers are/are not engaged and those who are/are not improving, update your processes, identify the health and safety champions in the business as well as those who are change resistant

View more about the PhysicalCheck physical wellbeing solution here.

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