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Typical worker reduces the number of higher-risk movements by 30-70%

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What is SoterSpine?

SoterSpine is a complete ergonomics training program that continually monitors and understands an individual's risk of injury.

It directly challenges the traditional classroom style  of manual handling training, by identifying, addressing, and monitoring unsafe movement and posture whilst carrying out everyday activities as part of an employee’s role.

This has proven to reduce cost and increase productivity as the program delivers a culture of wellbeing and a respected collaboration within a company structure.

Ergonomics underpins safe working best practice in relation to manual handling and awkward postures.

“Ergonomics is the scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of interactions among humans and other elements of a system, and the profession that applies theory, principles, data and methods to design in order to optimise human well-being and overall system performance.” International Ergonomics Association

Sounds complicated but introducing correct ergonomic practices is the biggest contributor in reducing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the workplace.

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs) can develop in an occupational setting due to the physical tasks with which individuals carry out their normal work activities. WRMSDs are associated with work patterns that include:


  • Fixed or constrained body positions
  • Continual repetition of movements
  • Lifting and twisting movements with poor technique
  • A pace of work that does not allow sufficient recovery between movements


SoterSpine delivered by Stanley is the most advanced Manual Handling wellbeing program available today, and will deliver positive results in just 12 days.

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SoterSpine 12-day programme

SoterSpine's artificial intelligence [AI] health coach delivers a 12-day programme combining real-time feedback with personalised insights delivered to each worker via the app. Engaged workers learn and embed new movement techniques into their day-to-day working life, reducing their risk of injury, resulting in substantial long-term safety and productivity improvements for the business.

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Start the programme

Consult with your organisation and agree the key challenges in educating, monitoring, and maintaining safe working practices in manual handling activities.

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Configure devices

Register devices to users' mobile phones or company tablet. Management Dashboard will update with user and device information.

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Commence activity

While workers are carrying out their normal working shift, SoterSpine is monitoring spinal compressions and impacts across 5 key areas of physical movement.

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Automated training

AI technology monitors user activity and sends associated tutorials, or bespoke customer guidelines on correct Manual Handling procedures direct to the user via smartphone. Percentage indicators will confirm safety improvements.

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The Programme will deliver management teams an in-depth report on worker performance, engagement, and reduction in unsafe activity.

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How does SoterSpine work?

  • Eight types of movement detected by the programme developed by ergonomists

  • Data centric solution which provides insight into how your business is performing:

Uncover risk in the workplace, workers who are/are not engaged those who are/are not improving, update your processes, identify the health and safety champions in the business as well as those who are change resistant.

Why work with Stanley?

  • 70 years’ experience in health and safety
  • Large world-class client base
  • Unique innovative solutions
  • National team of trainers and engineers


  • Engaging app which allows the worker to self-manage the programme
  • Eight dangerous movements detected – unlike other solutions
  • App is customisable to your business
  • Reduce the risk in your business, saving time and money
  • Reduce the number of sickness absence

  • Monitor your employees’ wellbeing on one dashboard

  • Create health and safety champions in your business

  • Employee’s personal health will improve

  • Improve employee satisfaction through personal development

  • Powered by Artificial Intelligence [AI]

  • No more laborious class room training

  • Lightweight wearable device doesn’t disturb the wearer

    • 3-week battery life

    • One-year device warranty included

    • No GPS!

    • No need to turn on/off each day

    • Easy to clip to any collar


The wearable safety technology leverages vast amounts of research that has quantified ergonomic injury risk including International Standards 11228-1 to 11228-6 & 12295, OSHA's Ergonomics Program Standard 29 CFR 1910.900, Safe Work Australia's Hazardous Manual Tasks Code of Practice, and more than a dozen peer reviewed research projects.

SoterSpine utilises an inertial motion sensor and world-leading data algorithms that identify when a worker bends, twists, or puts a force on their musculoskeletal system, quantifying the movement to analyse if it's a higher-risk movement that will cause risk to their musculoskeletal system.



The employee's app takes minutes to download. The profile is even quicker to setup and sensitive data is not submitted.

At the start of each shift, the device is simply clipped on the employees’ collar at the top of the spine. It is NOT tracked by GPS!

After the data is analysed, engaging instructions and tailored tutorials are provided by a virtual coach to teach the employee how to not carry loads safely.

Daily sync of data via Bluetooth to the employer dashboard to provide insight into the business.

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